Our Salon

Prestige is a 5 star certified safe salon and exceeds state standards for infection control. We strive to offer safe and healthy nail and foot care services to our clients. Only the highest quality products are used and recommended.

Autoclave Sterilization, which is used in hospitals and dental offices, is used to sterilize all metal implements. Nail files and buffers are disposed of after single use for every client. Our nail and foot care areas are meticulously cleaned with EPA registered disinfectants.

The nail tech and client's respiratory health, as well as salon air quality, are protected with air purifiers and source capture systems to collect vapors and fine air born particles.

Our nail technicians are all certified through a medically backed program, MediNail Learning Center, so they can better recognize, recommend and refer clients to Doctors when needed. Continuing education and advancement is strongly encouraged and practiced by our techs. In turn we use this information to educate our clients.

We specialize in prosthetic toenail restoration for damaged or unsightly nails using a unique flexible resin created specifically for the feet. Also, for toenails that chronically grow inward (involute) and are painful, we offer ONYFIX, a non-surgical, painless solution for these types of nails. This is a patented composite that physiologically corrects the shape of the nail as it grows out.

We welcome those who are at risk, immunocompromised or diabetic for safe nail and foot care services.using quality products designed to care for their skin.

Our Staff

Owner Lorri Ducharme
Owner, Lorri Ducharme holds multiple professional licenses in cosmetology, nail technology and aesthetics and has taught both nail and skin care at a private beauty academy. Lorri is also oncology trained and is dedicated to safely, compassionately and confidently care for her clients when they are experiencing cancer and the side effects of treatments.

As a member of the Massachusetts Healthy Cosmetology Committee, Lorri advocates to the State Board of Cosmetology for better working conditions in the salon industry. Her advocacy has been recognized with the 2016 Advanced Nail Tech Award presented by the MediNail Learning Center. She is an active member of the MediNail advisory board and also the New England Regional Education Ambassador for Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer System. Lorri is also a member of the Dudley Board of Health.
Amber Antonopoulos
Amber Antonopoulos joined Prestige Salon after completing the cosmetology program at Bay Path Regional Technical high school spring of 2017. She has completed the advanced nail tech program as well as the medical nail tech program through Medinail learning center. Her passion is working on senior and diabetic foot care. She is eager to continue her education and further her knowledge on safe foot care services.
Savannah LaBranche Savannah joined Prestige Salon after completing the Cosmetology program at Bay Path Regional Technical High School in spring of 2021. She has a strong focus on natural nail care and excels at hand painted nail art. She is currently working on her advanced nail technician certification through Medinail Learning Center. Savannah looks forward to advancing her nail art skills and building her clientele for natural nail care.